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Nicholas Rallis, DDS, has been in private practice since 1990, focusing on family, cosmetic and implant dentistry, and TMD disorders. He is a clinical instructor for the New York University College of Dentistry Full Mouth Rehabilitation Continuing Dental Education Program and a former speaker for Invisalign™. A true advocate for his patients and fellow colleagues, Dr. Rallis enjoys teaching other dentists, directing a professional choir, traveling, and participating in outdoor activities. He especially loves spending time with his family – Renee, Ross, Nicole, and Danielle!

The Picture-Perfect Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

Looking to smile with confidence once again? If you have been hiding your smile or are embarrassed about missing teeth, talk to our skilled dentists, Dr. Nicholas Rallis and Dr. Chris Chondrogiannis! Implant dentistry just may be the right solution for you!

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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a highly effective tooth replacement option used to restore missing or badly damaged teeth, composed of three parts that form a fully functional, natural-looking, and feeling artificial tooth! Implants not only rebuild a stunning smile but also typically allow greater structural reinforcement and improved oral wellness!

Dental implants are:

  • Stable, secure, and permanent
  • Great for supporting healthy bone tissue
  • Practically indistinguishable from your natural tooth
What Are My Dental Implant Options?

Dental implants are versatile and can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or a full dental arch. Your custom-designed tooth replacement(s) will be crafted using the finest dental materials and are meant to look and feel like a natural part of your mouth.

Implants Can Replace a Full Arch?

That’s right – All-on-4® implant dentures are an exciting restoration option for patients who require replacement of an entire upper and/or lower arch. Implant dentures are securely affixed to your jawbone by four dental implants that are strategically placed at very precise angles.

When compared to traditional, unanchored dentures, this can allow for:

  • Overall increased smile confidence
  • More comfort when speaking, drinking, or chewing
  • Avoidance of messy pastes or adhesives

A custom-fabricated denture arch is affixed to the 4 implants, allowing for a beautiful and seamless smile. The entire arch can be cared for just like your old teeth – it’ll be like you never even knew they were gone!

Sedation Dentistry

Relax – your visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary! The Center for Smiles proudly offers sedation options to make visits more comfortable. Dr. Rallis and Dr. Barnes are board-certified dental anesthesiologists and have helped countless patients get over their dental fears

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Why We Recommend Dental Implants

You may expect to need dentures or a dental bridge, but we may recommend dental implants instead. The reason is simple – dental implants are a fantastic solution for replacing missing teeth because of the strong level of support they provide, and their ability to promote healthy bone tissue – something dentures and bridges don’t do.

If you’re ready to discuss all of your restoration options, don’t hesitate to reach out. At the Center for Smiles, we’ll take a close look and help you decide on the treatment option that’s best for you.

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