How to Fix a Chipped Tooth

woman with chipped toothWhile enamel is one of the hardest and strongest minerals found in the body, the teeth can suffer structural damage for a variety of reasons. Whether you injured your tooth during a fall, playing sports, or simply chewing on a hard object, there are a range of non-surgical cosmetic dental treatments that can restore the full integrity of a damaged tooth. Advances in cosmetic dentistry have even made it possible for restorations to perfectly mimic a full, healthy tooth structure, providing natural-looking results that can be indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth.

At Center for Smiles, our cosmetic dentists in Bayside can repair a chipped tooth with both porcelain veneers and/or dental crowns. These state-of-the-art dentistry procedures are both capable of restoring the form and function of an impaired tooth, and the most ideal treatment for you will depend on your needs and goals. In general, if your chipped tooth presents more of an aesthetic concern than a functional issue, porcelain veneers are usually the best treatment to mask cosmetic flaws such as cracks and breaks in the enamel. These durable porcelain shells are placed over the front surface of the teeth in order to conceal the chip and restore the dimensions of a healthy tooth structure.

However, if the damage suffered inhibits your ability to bite or causes you pain, dental crowns are often the preferred solution to treat the tooth. Crowns are strong “caps” placed over a tooth to protect the enamel and support a decayed or severely weakened tooth. They are crafted to blend in seamlessly with your smile and can restore the biting function that is often lost with a chipped tooth. Our dentists offer same day dental crowns that are manufactured right in our office from high-quality materials, a convenience that can eliminate the need for turnaround time and allow you to achieve a beautifully restored tooth on the same day as your visit.

To learn more about how to repair a chipped tooth, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation, please contact Center for Smiles for more information.